Overmolds are created when two or more, different materials are combined into a single part. Often this includes covering an existing part with an additional material. For example, TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) can be molded onto a rigid plastic-coated wire using heat, pressure and liquid silicon to seal the parts connectors. Overmolding is typically done to:

  • Protect, simplify and aesthetically finish the final product
  • Make water resistant
  • Reduce rings and seals
  • Fix sealing elements
  • Alter its appearance for design, safety or identification
  • Enhance durability by adding strain relief and decreasing stress on internal components

Overmolding can also add required functional elements to a finished part. Depending on the material used for the overmolding, some of the more specific overmolds purposes include:

  • Sealing connectors onto wire
  • Adding strain relief
  • Enhancing grip
  • Improving handling comfort
  • Improving the look and feel
  • Changing texture or color
  • Streamlining appearance

DECA Manufacturing has equipment to handle your overmolding requirements:

  • Equipment sized for 10x10 molds
  • 30 ton splice mold machine
  • Vertical injection molder (made specifically for splicing and overmolding)

DECA has access to the materials, tools and expertise to build the customized products your application requires and can acquire the specialized connectors or military spec components required for your finished product. By using DECA to fabricate components which match your specifications you can focus your manufacturing processes and expertise on other work. Simplifying and improving your product designs can also lower overall your production costs.

 To complete your overmolding projects we need the following information:

  • Prints, drawings or schematics
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Approved vendor list (AVL)

All our products are tested using the Cirris test system to ensure conductivity and pull testing to make sure the finished piece functions to the required level.

What can we overmold for you?

We have the capacity and versatility to handle your next over molding job. Contact us today so we can plan for your next project.

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