Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses are groups of wires and/or cables engineered to be grouped together for efficiency and manufacturability. They include terminals that allow for connection points across the length and layout of the harness allowing connection to other electrical components. Wire harnesses essentially provide an optimized way to keep electrical systems organized and with power, data, and signals flowing as designed. Bundling together wires and cables allows engineers and electrical contractors to design more streamlined, cost effective, and easily manufactured and documented devices. While the individual wires or cables in a wire harness are usually covered in a basic layer of sheathing; they are not as ruggedized as heavier-duty cable assemblies. Wire harnesses range from a relatively simple set of wires, terminations, and connectors to the very complex with many wire types and hundreds connection points.

At DECA Manufacturing we build wire harnesses with materials up to 28 gauge. We build custom layouts for each harness we manufacture to ensure quality, repeatability, and efficiency. We offer:

  • Engineering support
  • Experienced harness board building
  • Wire marking and labelling
  • Automated cut/strip capabilities
  • Terminal press crimping
  • Hand assembly with advanced cable tie tools

We have a wide variety of equipment, applicators, hand tools available in our facility to ensure quality, reliability, and efficiency. We can also obtain specialized connectors and military spec components required for specialized harnesses and handle specialized layouts.

DECA has access to the materials, tools and expertise to build the customized wire harnesses your application requires. To fabricate your wire harnesses we need the following information:

  • prints, drawings or schematics
  • bill of materials (BOM)
  • approved vendor list (AVL)

All our products, including wire harnesses and leads, are tested using Cirris test systems to make sure the products function to the required level.

What can we build for you?

We have the capacity and versatility to build the wire harnesses your application requires. Contact us today so we can plan for your next project.

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