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DECA Manufacturing Acquires Thermal Switch Product Line

DECA now has complete control of Thermtrol’s Immersion Thermostats

samples of thermal switches

Lexington Ohio: DECA Manufacturing, the primary producer of Thermtrol’s Immersion Thermostats, now has ownership of this product line and is producing them at their Ohio facility.

Thermal switches, also known as immersion thermostats, are thermally sensitive bi-metallic switches housed in a rugged brass or stainless-steel case. The switches are manufactured to either make or break an electrical circuit at a factory pre-set temperature; they reset automatically on cooling.

Uses of Thermal Switches

Thermal switches are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial equipment; handling temperatures from 5C/41F to 240C/464F. An example of how they are used includes monitoring the temperature of machinery and equipment. If the equipment overheats, the switch can complete the circuit for a fan to cool the equipment or break the circuit and turn the machinery off. Examples of products using thermal switches include a broad range of industrial equipment and engineered systems for a number of industries including: pumps, compressed air solutions, drilling equipment, heating systems, laboratory and medical equipment, and specialty automotive applications.

DECA offers complete design flexibility for custom immersion thermostats by drawing from an extensive inventory of standard components and building the thermostat that is correct for your application.

DECA Manufacturing is your US-based, ISO Certified, reliable source for wire harnesses, cable assemblies, electro-mechanical box builds, and now thermal protection.

We also provide overmolding, epoxy potting, and hand-soldered custom services.

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