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Employee Spotlight: Jill Shaheen, Director of Quality and Awesome

Jill Shaheen is a self-admitted know it all. She can build examples of just about anything DECA makes; it doesn’t matter whether it is a wire harness, cable assembly, or box build. While it may sound a bit like bragging, her knowledge is invaluable in her role as DECA Manufacturing’s Director of Quality. In addition to building samples, Her work includes devising work instructions for the shop floor and making sure that DECA’s products meet the required specifications with appropriate testing and quality controls. As you may have gathered, Jill isn’t merely a desk jockey, though her job involves “lots and lots” of paperwork. On any given day you can find her moving between her office and the shop floor; actively checking to make sure things are going to specification and that the required paperwork documenting everything is properly completed. Her attention to detail, focus, and self-assurance makes it easy for DECA to be responsive and build products that match our customers’ requirements. Even though the basics of her job, paperwork and keeping track of activities on the shop floor remain constant, the range of products that DECA builds and the industries they work with provides plenty of variety. When you combine that with the fun, crazy crew at DECA, it all adds up to a great work environment.

Jill, a Lexington native, has been at DECA since 2015. After starting out in product inspection, she took over quality control when the position opened up. When Cameron Haring purchased the company in 2018, she stayed on and has seen both her responsibilities and the company grow. In addition to IPC certification, she has a growing knowledge of ISO and is happily expanding that knowledge as part of her professional growth. Given her enthusiasm for the details of DECA’ work, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she appreciates Cameron Haring’s interest in building DECA as a continuous improvement, process-driven business.

When not handling paperwork at DECA, Jill is a keen reader of paperbacks. She especially enjoys reading Stephen King novels. At home she can often be found engrossed in a good book while cuddled up with her dog and 2 cats. She loves to cook just about anything except pizza, that is always better ordered out. She is inspired by her daughter and wants to be the best role model possible. Her door has a sign that says Director of Awesome, given her work at DECA and her pride in her daughter, it’s a pretty apt description.

Why Quality at DECA Matters

Jill’s attention to detail and concern for quality is a critical part of DECA’s success. By manufacturing high-quality cables, harnesses and box builds to transfer power and data through your products DECA provides support for the overall quality of your final product. Additionally, using DECA’s components provides you with the freedom to focus on what your company does best. What should our team build for you?


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