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Getting Smart About City Lighting

City lighting is getting smarter and preparing for expanded capabilities. DECA manufactures cables and systems integrations that support new, smart technologies.

As the days get shorter, lighting becomes critical. While there are many options for residential customers to adopt smart lighting, did you know that cities are looking at ways to make street lighting smart too?

The grids that support municipal infrastructure elements such as lighting are evolving to support both current and future needs in a variety of ways. For example, older outdoor lighting is controlled by a simple 3-pin socket interface. Newer technologies, such as a LED lighting, have changed the interface specifications because they use different voltages, have lower temperatures, and include more advanced electronics. The new ANSI standard specifies a 7-pin interface which accommodates current, enhanced capabilities and provides room for future capabilities. Future fixture capabilities could take many forms, such as adding sensors to detect motion or connecting cameras for detecting traffic flow. A related ANSI standard even allows remote controllers to track the light fixtures themselves.

Even though these systems use a community’s wireless network to share the data, wired connections are still needed to connect the light fixture's power, source, sensors, and light. Cable assemblies and box builds support the transfer of information from the sensors to the appropriate network and the flow of electricity powering the light and additional electronics.

Contact DECA to maintain power and transfer the data your smart system requires. We manufacture wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and box builds for smart devices.


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