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How to make Monday feel like a Friday.

DECA Manufacturing’s staff works hard to build quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies. To thank them for all their hard work, Cameron Haring, DECA’s President, decided to reward everyone by getting lunch for everyone on Monday.

Haring hired the popular lunch truck Truckin Trav Street Food and got a cake for everyone to enjoy. The food was not only appreciated but excellent, “the Cuban sandwich was phenomenal", according to one of DECA's employees.

The weather even cooperated so everyone could enjoy their lunch outside, which allowed folks to take off their masks and still maintain a bit of social distancing. In addition to the food, some of the employees played a few games of cornhole with boards setup on the company's front lawn.

DECA's employee appreciation event was a success and a great break during what has been a hectic summer due to COVID. As Jay Harris, (aka DECA's soldering Picasso) said, the lunch made Monday feel like a Friday! Haring plans to have more staff appreciation days in the future. As Haring said, "DECA Manufacturing relies on it employees to make great products, so It’s really important to let these guys know that they are doing good work and their efforts are appreciated. As our company continues to grow we want to remember that individual efforts make the whole company successful."

Check out the short slideshow below.


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