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Newspaper notes the "Big changes coming for DECA Manufacturing"

An article from the Richland Source, highlights the way that Cameron Haring is embracing the future in his role as DECA's owner. Owning DECA allows him to fulfill a dream to become an entrepreneur and Cameron has big plans to "change the company and community for the better."

Cameron is combining the knowledge gleaned from working with a logistics company, a global manufacturing/distribution corporation, an MBA from Vanderbilt and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. He is taking an active role in the company, from talking with employees on the shop floor, making sales calls to prospective clients, and representing DECA at tradeshows.

Success is not his only goal, Cameron's vision for DECA includes making the company as green as possible. “I’m planning on making the building completely renewable in the next three years,” he said. “I want to do something that’s not your grandpa’s manufacturing.”

Learn more by reading the complete article at: Big Changes coming for DECA Manufacturing.

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