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Our products keep you trucking on!

Contact DECA Manufacturing (Lexington, Ohio) if you are looking for a local supplier for wire harneses or cable assemblies to update or just keep your vehicles and equipment running.

Often when folks think about manufacturing wire harnesses or cables, they think about new components going into new machines, vehicles, or products. Did you know that DECA Manufacturing builds custom harnesses to keep existing equipment working? How would you like to extend the life of expensive machinery and free up money for other business needs?

Many in our area know about John Fernyak and his company Engwiller Properties. Fernyak’s company has had an active role in the redevelopment of Mansfield; they manage some 50 properties in the area and regularly supports local projects such as the Richland Carousel Park . Among the equipment his firm owns is a set of four, 1960’s era dump trucks. The trucks, while older work fine but they needed new wire harnesses to connect, power and integrate their electronic systems. These harnesses help control functions such as lights, signals and mechanisms like hydraulics, dump bed and tailgate. In short, these trucks needed a new brain and central nervous system.

This project was a not simple harness building project. It was a from scratch, custom build and integration job. We built the harnesses with no drawings or schematics. We used samples to build our own drawings and create a bill of materials. We then assembled the harnesses using industry-leading modular Panduit board equipment. The harnesses we built included:

  • a variety of wires such as SXL & MTW, with lengths ranging from 3 ft to 5 ft.

  • Wire gauges from 6 AWG to 16 AWG

  • Nylon braided sleeving

  • Wire looms for wire breakouts

  • Ring and bullet terminals

  • Color coding and labeling for easier use and safety

The harnesses were built on DECA's Panduit modular harness boards. Using a wide variety of adaptable accessories, we were able to pinpoint each wire and terminals location to successfully mount each harness. The boards give us the flexibility to superimpose a 1:1 drawing onto the boards to foolproof many harness builds.

Locally Grown Solutions for New and Out of Production Products

As DECA Manufacturing continues to grow we enjoy the challenge of building unique and specialized cables and harnesses. We are working with other customers to offer out-of-production products for commercial customers and enthusiasts with classic cars and pieces of equipment. We love projects like this because it gives us a great opportunity to expand our design thinking and experience working with a vast array components and applications.

Our customer is happy. His dump trucks are up and running and Engwiller properties continues to support and develop the accelerating growth of my/our hometown downtown. Since we are an US-based, Ohio company we can easily partner with you to make sure the product is a great fit and we keep your business truckin’ on.

DECA was able to answer our technical questions and easily handled the design requirements. One of the things that we liked best about working with DECA was that they listened carefully to our needs and made a quality product. Cameron’s team delivered the cables we needed on time, they met the specifications we required and they fit into our dump trucks perfectly. Engwiller Properties


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