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Design and Prototypes


While routinely handling a range of production volumes, we also combine our services to support our clients’ new product development by offering design and prototype services. By selecting DECA to build components for your new products, we provide you with the opportunity to focus your company’s staff and resources on the elements of your business that provide you with the best ROI. In addition, our team’s work will support the establishment or baselines for:

  • Fit

  • Cost

  • Time

  • Testing requirements


of critical elements of your new product. Whether we are producing processed wires, electronic cable assemblies, wire harnesses,  making waterproof cables, assembling PC Boards, or assembling custom control panels, such as goal to keep your priorities in mind, you are our driving force.


DECA Manufacturing has the skilled labor to get the job done right and equipment ranging from basic bench presses that accommodates all major brands of connectors (AM, Molex, Benchmaster, Pacakard Electric and Essex) to plastic injection machines to other computer controlled high speed, multi-function machines.


We have designed prototypes for a wide range of industries such as Tier II automotive, recreational vehicle, pumps, motors, telecommunications equipment control systems, sensors, appliances and others.


We work diligently to maintain our reputation for excellent customer service, quality workmanship combined with integrity.


The products and services we offer to support your design and prototypes include





Testing and Quality Control

To guarantee that customers will receive items of the quality they expect and deserve, we pay close attention to quality control; utilizing microrprocessor-based test equipment, Cirris System, to ascertain all items are in compliance with your specifications and standards such as UL, CSA MIL etc. We also test for maximum conductivity, pullout strength and life cycle.

Learn more about our commitment to quality


Partner with us for your next design or prototype project.

We have the expertise and versatility to be your partners on your next project.  Contact us today.

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