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Government Contracts

Trained to work with PTAC and PTAP

DECA has been working with government contractors as a secondary supplier for years.  We expanded our expertise by training with PTAC so DECA could better support government contract work.  We understand the requirements that government contractors must fulfill which include a wide range of regulations and business practices encompassing hiring requirements, safety guidelines, system navigation, cybersecurity and more.


Defense Industry Experience

Many of our government-related projects have been defense related.  These projects often require ruggedization, failure-proof reliability, and specialized services such as IPC-A-620 certified soldering.  Some of DECA’s recent projects have included:

  • Cabling for laser guided munitions

  • Wire harnesses for drones

  • Overmolded cables for military vehicles


Experience with Many Industries
and Applications 

At DECA we know that not all government contracts are for defense-related products.  Our wire harnesses, cable assemblies, IOT box builds have been used for a wide range of applications such as:

  • IoT enabled  box builds for monitoring temperatures in pharmaceutical coolers

  • Cable assemblies providing power and data to industrial pumps

  • Wire harnesses for upgrading heavy duty trucking equipment

  • Cable whips to power and control warehouse/shipping facilities

  • Control cables that are UV, rust,  and oil resistant


No matter what the end-use application is, these wired components provide the data and power finished products require to function and deliver today’s increased capabilities.  


We have also used our knowledge of cables and connectors to build related products.  One recent government contract provided DECA with the opportunity to build high-strength, breakaway lanyards. These lanyards, designed for avionics use, are designed to support weights of up to 2500lb and then simply break away when the maximum stress point is reached.  These cables, even though they don’t carry data or power, are a great fit for our capabilities because these lanyards required our expertise with:

  • Wire specifications

  • Cutting and wire processing

  • Crimping, swaging and pull testing

  • Adding specialized components 


Cyber Security 

To be registered as an approved supplier, companies must meet cybersecurity requirements for the transfer of sensitive information. As a defense contractor DECA Manufacturing meets all cybersecurity requirements.  

Learn More about
DECA Manufacturing's Capabilities

Do you have a project that requires wired connections and government contract savvy?  Learn more about DECA Manufacturing and contact us about your next RFP.


Let us build your cable assemblies!


We have the capacity and versatility to build the cable assemblies your application requires. 

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