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Hand Soldering

DECA provides hand soldering services for products that require skilled hand work for prototype development and/or the most reliable connections as a complement to our fabrication services. We have Class III technicians on site and  provide IPC/WHAM-A-620 certified soldering and inspection services for:

  • Military applications

  • Medical devices

  • Prototype building

  • Repair

  • Modifications to existing assemblies

  • Overflow work to support your business

  • Custom soldering work


If you are looking for custom soldering work, DECA can take your project from your specifications to completed assemblies.  We thoroughly test our work to ensure the products we make meets your requirements.

We can also combine our wire harnesses or cable assemblies and soldering services to create completely customized components and even system integrations also known as box build assemblies.

Testing and quality control

All our products, including wire leads, are tested using the Cirris System to make sure the products function to the required level.  Learn more about our commitment to quality


Let us take care of your next hand soldering job.


We have the capacity and versatility to handle your next hand soldering job.  Contact us today so we can plan for your next project.

Read more about DECA's Soldering capabilities with our Employee Spotlight: Jay Harris Soldering Picasso.

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