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Quality and Compliance at DECA

DECA Manufacturing’s quality systems and compliance certifications are broad and robust.

We are authorized to sell to government entities and build products for top tier defense contractors. We quality test all of the components/products we make.

Standards, Certifications and Compliance

Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (ISO certified since 2003)

  • ITAR

  • IIPC/WHAM-A-620

  • Cage Code: 8AQN5

Testing Services Offered

All our products are tested using Cirris test systems to make sure the finished piece functions to the required level. In addition to Cirris test systems, we offer the following testing services:

  • PPAP* (Production Part Approval Process) to test and approve designs before, during and after production

  • Cross-section analysis allows technicians to gain access to internal structure of a part, its materials and design to identify defects not findable with other testing methods

  • FAI (Analytical, Failure Analysis, and Materials) Testing

  • Pull testing to determine the maximum tensile strength of the material and finished products

  • 100% harness testing up to 1000+ connection test points

  • Hi-pot (high potential, high voltage) testing

  • Continuity testing (checking an electric circuit to see if it is a complete circuit)

  • Crimp force monitoring

*Of particular note for those in the automotive industry we have the capability to PPAP lines in-house and complete all related paperwork.

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