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DECA Manufacturing's Team

We have a great team here at DECA Manufacturing.  Here are some of the professionals who work to make sure we deliver quality the products that meet your time requirements and specifications.


Cameron Haring - President

Cameron, who purchased DECA in 2018, is active in all aspects of the business as well as serving as chief strategist.  He makes sure that the company not only has the tools it needs to get the job done now but also a plan to grow for the future. Cameron, DECA’s owner, is passionate about emerging technology and team building. He loves to identify and use peoples' strengths to build success.  An entrepreneur at heart, he wants to grow both DECA and the local community by serving as a leader and being actively involved. Cameron is a life-long learner who sees the world as his classroom.
When not at the office or working in the community he can be found chasing golf balls or driving his Tesla.

Learn more about Cameron


Jill - Quality Manager

Jill, who started working with DECA in 2015, ensures that DECA's knowledge is institutionalized through quality processes and standards. She is responsible for ensuring that the company's quality control processes and manufacturing processes meet the expectations of our customers.  She  also makes sure the company remains compliant with standards like ISO, ITAR and IPC. Her work includes:


  • Devising and reviewing specifications for products or processes

  • Setting requirements for materials and components from our suppliers

  • Making sure that the materials sent by our suppliers meet those requirements

  • Ensuring that our product testing is consistent and reliable

When not working to ensure quality at DECA she likes to hang out with her teenage daughter.


Learn more about Jill by reading her Employee Spotlight: Jill Shaheen, Director of Quality and Awesome

Josh - Estimating Engineer

Josh joined the company shortly after Cameron took the reins. He has been a critical resource to support rapid growth. Josh uses his knowledge of engineering, product design and manufacturing capabilities to make sure DECA can build the products its customers need. His work includes:

  • Working with customers and staff to assess customer requirements

  • Quoting and securing orders

  • Planning and modify products to meet customer needs

  • Recommending improved materials and showing how changes affect the final product


On his off time, Josh can be found spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys riding his side by side and watching/playing baseball. 

Doug - Electronics Engineer

With over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, Doug provides DECA with expertise in manufacturing engineering and the design of products.  He works with our clients to address technical concerns on projects such as wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and integrated systems.  His work  also includes sourcing components and equipment.  If things get busy, he pitches in to assist with quoting.

When not working with design files, Doug  like to travel,  see his kids & grandkids, taking nature walks, riding his motorcycle, and hunting.


Deanna - Customer Service/Supply Chain Representative

Deanna keeps customers happy by answering any questions regarding their orders.  She recently joined the team and is the friendly voice that greets you when you call. Her work includes:

  • Maintaining customer account information

  • Handling purchase orders and payment processes

  • Arranging shipping details

  • Serving as a contact point to support to support any of their concerns


When not supporting our customers Deanna enjoys swimming, the ocean, home improvements, and taking her 3 dachshunds on long walks.


Debra - Continuous Improvement Analyst

Debra is the resident data nerd.  She is one of our newer team members, but her impact has already been significant. She is a whiz with manipulating and exploring data.  She uses all this information to explore how to better utilize our existing resources.  Her work includes:


  • Reviewing plant data

  • Identifying key metrics.

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Working with production to implement changes

When not working with spreadsheets, Debra goes to cross country meets, watches NFL football, and logs miles on local bike trails.


Barbara - Production Manager

Barbara overseas the day-to-day operations on our shop floor.  She has been with the company since 2016. She adeptly juggles everything from people to processes to finished products, all of which includes keeping track of


  • Production rates and quality testing results

  • Availability and purchase of raw materials

  • Operational and Safety procedures

  • Employee oversight and training.


When she isn’t keeping track of production Barbara loves to go camping or curl up with a good book.

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