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Wire Leads

DECA Manufacturing produces wire leads for companies requiring less complex wiring solutions than a wire harness or cable assembly. DECA's wire leads provide an electrical or data connection consisting of a length of wire and selected connectors. Our leads can also be terminated with elements such as: 

  • Battery clips

  • Buttons

  • LED lighting

  • Power transfer terminations

  • Switches


Wire leads can be easily customized to suit your final product and application’s requirements. At DECA Manufacturing we build wire leads with materials up to 28 gauge. Our manufacturing services include: 

  • Automated cut/strip

  • Hand assembly

  • Terminal press crimping

  • soldering services


We have a multitude of applicators and hand tools available in our facility. We  also obtain specialized connectors and military spec components required for specialized wire lead products. To fabricate your wire leads we need the following information from you:

  • Prints, drawings or schematics

  • Bill of materials (BOM)

  • Approved vendor list (AVL)

Testing and quality control

All our products, including wire leads, are tested using the Cirris System to ensure the products function to the required level.  Learn more about our commitment to quality


Let us build wire lead for your next project!


We have the capacity and versatility to build the wire leads your application requires. Contact us today

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