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Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies serve as the nervous system for powered, smart devices and are very similar to wire harnesses. They consist of groups of wires, for data and/or power, with terminals at both ends.  These termination points allow them to be connected to other electrical components within a larger system. 


The key difference is that cable assemblies have a more ruggedized construction and utilize different assembly techniques because they are designed for specific environments which may have one or more special requirements regarding:

  • environmental requirements such as heat or cold tolerance
  • friction protection

  • moisture resistance

  • compression protection

  • size or shape


When designing custom cables, the wires and conductors used in the assembly typically have a more heavy-duty cover/jacketing or use a larger gauge wire to protect the conductors and meet the needs of more demanding applications. Common sheathing materials include:

  • vinyl

  • thermoplastic rubber

  • shrink wrapped thermoplastic

  • copper braid

  • tinned braid

  • foil


DECA Manufacturing will produce the cable assemblies you need for just about any environment your parts must function in. Our production facility can:

  • Work with a variety of wire gauges, terminals, connectors, conductors and multi-conductors

  • Support a variety of cable types – coaxial, PTFE, stranded or solid

  • Support a range of wire gauge up to 1/0 to 28 AWG

  • Overmold in-house to enclose, protect, and finish cables with strain relief

  • Hand solder with precision to IPC-620A standards


At DECA we offer high-speed automated cut/strip processing, terminal press crimping with magnification and crimp force monitoring.  We have a multitude of applicators and hand tools in our facility, and can do any hand assembly your project requires. We can obtain specialized connectors and military spec components required for specialized cable assemblies and handle specialized layouts. DECA has access to the materials, tools and expertise to build the customized cable assemblies your application requires. To fabricate your wire harness we need the following information:

  • prints, drawings or schematics

  • bill of materials (BOM)

  • approved vendor list (AVL)

Testing and quality control

All our products, including wire leads, are tested using the Cirris System to make sure the products function to the required level. 


Learn more about our commitment to quality


Let us build your cable assemblies!


We have the capacity and versatility to build the cable assemblies your application requires. 

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