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Building an Innovative Team

As DECA grows we find that the ability to think in news ways invaluable. It is one of the reasons our mantra is responsive, flexible and smart. This is a great article about how imagination and innovation are vital elements of business growth and success. Read the article:

We look for individuals, like Michelle Collett, to join our team and support innovation. Michelle joined the DECA team in the Spring of 2020. Not only has she worked in business-to-business sales since 2014, she is familiar with the manufacturing community in northern Ohio. At DECA you will find her with a cup of coffee, convincing potential clients that DECA is the best company to fulfill their electronic component manufacturing requirements. As DECA’s Inside Sales specialist, her job focuses primarily on:

  • Coordinating customer meetings and sales presentations.

  • Optimizing opportunities and generate new conversations.

  • Organizing information between our estimators/engineering team and clients alike, to deliver timely quotations.

  • Nurturing new leads through the sales process from start to production.

When not at the office she enjoys cooking, social gatherings, music venues, festivals, boating, vacationing, and spending time with friends and family.

Learn more about some of the other members of the DECA Team:


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