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Connected and Powered for Research

Even before COVID medical research was a fast-growing industry. COVID has made the need for expedited research more imperative which in turns requires reliable equipment with increasingly sophisticated capabilities.

  • Large touch screen displays

  • Remote monitoring

  • Remote control

  • Data storage and transfer

  • User management

  • Maintenance and repair messages

These features require cable assemblies that carry power plus data. Examples of healthcare and lab equipment that has evolved to take advantage of these capabilities and special abilities includes:

  • Centrifuges. Remote monitoring to make sure the device is functioning properly.

  • Refrigerators and Freezers. Temperature monitoring to ensure viability of biological samples, thermally-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

  • Controlled Environments such as temperature and humidity chambers: parameters can be setup to keep environmental factors within strict limits to determine how samples react in specific conditions.

  • BioSafe Cabinets. Contained laboratory bench space to protect researchers and/or specimens from contamination.

  • Specific analysis tools for DNA, blood, bacteria and other specimens. These tools can be compact versions for field usage or built for lab usage.

  • Digital Pathology for remote diagnostic and research use.

We know from our experience building cables for healthcare and laboratory equipment that the cable assemblies for these tools must be extremely reliable. High quality components are necessary to ensure error free data transfer in real time so that researchers and materials are protected from contamination and harm and the research data is accurate.

DECA Manufacturing has experience building cables for medical usage and monitoring. We offer laser wire-stripping to help ensure nick-free cable preparation and IPC-A-620 certified soldering and inspection services.

Let’s work together on your next project and build great connections to support medical and scientific research.

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