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DECA Manufacturing Expands Its Capabilities

Responding to Growth

In order to support DECA’s growing client and production needs, we are adding critical resources to enhance DECA Manufacturing’s capabilities. At DECA critical resources include both personnel and equipment. And our relentless focus on process improvement

New Staff

We have added both front office and production line staff. An inside sales representative is now reaching out to customers and building valuable connections. Our manufacturing team has added new employees to support assembly work, IPC class III soldering, and shipping/receiving. We even have an electrical engineering student serving as a summer intern.

Equipment and Capabilities

We have also enhanced our shop floor’s capabilities with new state-of-the-art equipment driving increased automation. Our new capabilities include an automated wire processing unit, aka crimp center, and a fully-digitized ultrasonic welding machine.

Automated Crimp Center

Our most recent addition is a crimp/process center to automate and dramatically speed up, portions of common manufacturing tasks. This machine, which combines the work of 5 machines, cuts, strips, seals, terminates and labels/prints wire in a myriad of ways. Additionally, our new wire processing robot is fully digital and programmable with integrated quality systems that test each part for conformity and strength and discards any non-conforming parts.

With this new powerful piece of automation, DECA is able to rapidly scale high-quality wire harness production.

Ultrasonic Welder

In addition to offering IPC-620A certified soldering and inspection services, we have added an ultrasonic welding system. Using mechanical vibrations generated above the audible range, this tool softens/melts thermoplastic materials. Materials can then be joined together for high-strength error proof splicing. In addition to speed, ultrasonic welds require no filler materials and can be used on plastics, wires, and even thin sheets of metal.

Contact DECA Manufacturing

When building wires for clients in the automotive/transportation, commercial equipment, or other industries; speed and quality are vital. These additions to our manufacturing tool set will ensure that speed and quality are easily attained. Are you looking…

• to reshore vital components for your finished product

• for a partner to develop new products

Contact DECA Manufacturing and get a quote for your next project.

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