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Getting Connected with Smart Manufacturing & IOT

The complexity of industrial wire harnesses increases continually as the capabilities of the products they serve expand. Tools such as pumps, CNC mills, forklifts, and air filtration systems, not only perform their primary tasks; they support efficiency and safety in industrial settings as companies adopt smart manufacturing and IOT.

DECA Manufacturing is stepping up to this challenge in 2 ways.

  1. Expanding our automated tool set to build cables and harnesses more efficiently and cost-effectively

  2. Building industrial strength wire harnesses and cable assemblies that support smart manufacturing and IOT.

Expanding Automation at DECA

Automated manufacturing tools like our Crimp Center allow us to process materials more quickly, more efficiently, and with higher level of repeatability than doing the same work manually. DECA offers the following automated services:

  • Standard Wire Stripping. very fast machine wire stripping, used for most orders. Our machine produces standardized; repeatable results suitable for most applications.

  • Laser Wire Stripping. provides for nick free processing, very tight tolerances and works with a range for wires, including very small wires.

  • Automated Wire Processing. Our automated system crimps, seals, and adds connectors based on programmatic settings that can be stored and retrieved for repeated use.

Not only are these tools more cost effective, they free our employees to work on more interesting tasks that are not as easily automated such as building prototypes and samples for new wire harnesses, cable assemblies, box builds, and other products.

This video shows our automated crimp center in action.

Supporting Smart Manufacturing & IOT

As industrial products become increasingly sophisticated, so do the cables that run them. Today’s smart industrial tools require wire harnesses to transmit both power and data such as:

  • Hours in operation

  • Operating conditions such as temperature, humidity,

  • Pieces made

  • Task completion

  • Status of pressurized components

  • Location

  • Employee use and productivity

  • Availability of queued materials

The addition of sensors allows this information to be gathered from industrial tools in the form of simple signals or more complex data such as temperature, location, etc. Current models of manufacturing tools such as mixers, materials handlers, refrigeration equipment, etc., will have localized, machine-based monitoring systems which can provide data on an individual machine’s status. Even more sophisticated industrial operations have become IOT-enabled. Machine status information is sent via network to company computers or even apps on employees’ mobile device. When properly used, IOT allows a company to track and manage assets and production more efficiently.

Be smart, what should DECA build for you?

In the current manufacturing and business climate, it is more critical than ever to make sure your design is right from the start. The cables and wire harnesses used in manufacturing and industrial settings require ruggedized, properly-specified materials and construction. That is why we are happy to build both prototypes and production runs of the cables your company requires to ensure that the harness we build is the correct one for your application.


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