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Modernization; how we are investing to ensure DECA's future sucess.

images from inside a Scheluniger CrimpCenter.
One of our recent additions is a Scheluniger CrimpCenter.

At DECA Manufacturing, our core business is manufacturing high-quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies. These components serve as the nervous system for many products providing a pathway for data and power. DECA Manufacturing serves a wide variety of industries, from performance auto to industrial equipment. To stay competitive and support our expanding customer base we have been modernizing our facility.

The push modernize has two origins. When Cameron Haring purchased DECA Manufacturing, the company had an aging collection of equipment. Updating the equipment and its processes would make it easier to manufacture consistent, quality products. Under Haring, one of DECA’s first investments was a Schleuniger CrimpCenter. This machine allowed DECA to increase productivity 50-100% and improve the quality of the wire elements used in completed harnesses and cable assemblies. The machine also unlocked new abilities such as:

  • automated cable sealing

  • extra-long lead processing

  • digitized quality monitoring of crimp heights

  • pull tests/testing

so DECA could expand its customer base.

The success of the CrimpCenter and its effect on production at DECA, led Haring to purchase additional new equipment. For example, a Scheluniger Multistrip, a wire cut and strip machine that can process cable inner conductors as well as outer jacket material, has allowed DECA to eliminate completely the manual stripping of inner conductors.

Additionally the implementation of a new automated labeling machine call a Brady Wraptor has eliminated the need for manual application of assembly labeling. The time and staff devoted to low-level tasks such as wire stripping and manual labelling have been moved to higher value added tasks such as final assembly and testing. The success of the new equipment is leading Haring to consider adding an additional machine to process larger gauge cable to expand an evolving niche of clients in performance automotive and industrial equipment industries.

Haring notes that buying equipment is only part of the equation; training is equally important and should be considered as part of the investment. “The important thing is to invest in the training offerings that are available at the time of purchase…once you know what you are doing, you can shift work from old techniques to new ones and reap the benefits. Modernization, in particular upgrades, plays a critical role in the life of a manufacturing company for the following reasons:

  1. Yields more consistent components than handwork

  2. Promotes efficiency on the shopfloor

  3. Demonstrates company growth and forward thinking

These factors are critical because updated equipment supports the ability of companies like DECA to grow, and provide quality, consistent products at a fair price. Cost effectiveness, e.g. the bottom line, is also critical to support companies looking to re-shore by purchasing quality components made in America.

At DECA we love to build quality components, what can we make for you?


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