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How DECA thinks about Prototyping and Design

Very few projects go from a simple drawing straight to production. Prototyping allows companies to make sure that appropriate decisions are made regarding the application for the cable combined with:

  • Connector options

  • Wire/conductor material selection

  • Jacketing and ruggedization

  • Cable length

  • Ease of assembly

  • Industry standards

Building a prototype also allows companies to test the component in the finished product before going into production and make sure that the design functions properly and meets required specifications.

Business Considerations Critical to Prototype Development

In addition to engineering questions; we believe that prototyping should include business considerations such as :

  • Availability of preferred materials

  • Estimated cost for the materials

As we have seen with material shortages and logistics problems; both engineering and business issues are critical and can affect the

  • Lead time needed

  • Stock and shipment allotments

  • Final cost of the assembled component

  • Performance of the finished component

  • Your final profit margin on the completed product

  • Quality and durability of your completed product.

How to Use DECA Manufacturing's Prototyping Services

Prototyping can be done for new, under-development products or for products undergoing design changes that require a redesign of their components. No matter whether you need a cable assembly, wire harness, box build or wire leads DECA works with you to make sure the design meets your specifications. Developing a prototype for a new component is comprised of these basic steps:

  • Needs assessment

  • Sample build

  • Testing

  • Final component selection

Prototypes for Military Applications

In addition to handling the paperwork military and government projects require, DECA Manufacturing has IPC certified soldering services with ability to solder to Class 3 IPC/J-Std. J Standard solders are for products that must provide high performance levels and be ready on demand. We also are extremely familiar with the level of ruggedization needed for equipment deployed in the field.

Prototypes for Industrial Applications

DECA builds both large cable assemblies and small delicate wire harnesses like this one for a medical device.

Do you need a cable assembly for a heavy-duty truck, sports car, industrial pump, restaurant slicing machine, conveyor belt system, wind turbine, or other industrial application? DECA builds large, ruggedized cable assemblies and delicate small wire harness for a range of industrial clients and applications

Prototypes for Start-Up Companies

In addition to working with established companies, DECA works with start-up companies to support their design process as their product dreams become reality. We enjoy working with these companies to see fresh takes on technology and working with them as they grow

Contact Us for Your Next Prototype

For more information, call 419-884-0071 or use our online form. We will work with you to build a prototype to ensure your project's success.



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