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Why Automated Wire Stripping Builds Quality Right from the Start.

As DECA has grown, we have completely moved away from manual wire stripping. Automated wire processing:

  • provides increased precision and higher throughput

  • is the most cost effective way to process wires

  • frees up our staff to handle more interesting tasks.

Today DECA offers two types of wiring processing, standard automated wire processing and laser wire processing.

Standard Automated Wire Processing

Our standard automated wire stripping uses a machine to grip and strips wires in one motion. "Grip and Strip automation allows for fast and consistent wire processing with standardized, repeatable results as it works through batches of wires. Standard wire processing is very fast and inexpensive, but typically leaves minor imperfections on multi-strand cords or the edges of cable jackets. More than ½ of the orders we complete use standard wire processing as part of their manufacturing process.

Laser Wire Processing

Laser Wire Stripping Examples

For clients who require very tight tolerances, nick free processing, and/or work very small wires, DECA Manufacturing offers laser wire processing. Depending on the wire’s composition, jacketing and the laser wavelength used, laser wire stripping tools can perform a number processing tasks including:

  • Cut or remove insulation from metallic conductors

  • Cut metallic shields from insulated wires

  • Cut wires

  • Clean surfaces of impurities

Since the laser must be programmed to make the appropriate cuts and or removals; this type of processing provides easily repeated, consistent, and very precise results. It does tend be more time consuming and expensive since the laser may require multiple passes to cut or remove material.

A growing number of industries require this level precision including aerospace, industrial automation, automotive, defense, test and measurement, and medical. Examples of some of the devices that require laser stripped wiring include: include medical drills, robotic scalpels, hearing aids, catheters, pacemakers, ultrasound transducers, air bags, small motors and actuators and devices requiring Class 3 conductor preparation.

Clean, consistent wire preparation is a vital start in our process of building quality connections in today’s increasingly complex products. When paired with the proper connectors; the power and data your products require will flow easily and support the quality your company should be known for.

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