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Is quality conveyed in all parts of your finished product?

DECA Manufacturing’s staff does more than just build cable assemblies, wire harnesses and box builds. We provide direct design support too. Whether you have a product example, formal technical drawing, or just a rough sketch we have engineers who can work with you to improve current designs or create prototypes from new ideas. Technical knowledge is so important that in addition to our manufacturing engineer, our estimator is also an engineer. In short, our staff has over 30 years combined experience in harness design, manufacturability, and material selection. Their combined expertise allows us to offer direct support to customers who need to make changes to products even if they are for products currently in production.

Why Upgraded Cables Are Important

Recently we had a new customer approach us about upgrading the cables his final product was currently using. The company builds conveyor systems used for material handling in e-commerce distribution centers. The cables the company was using at the time were poor quality and that was adversely affecting the perceived, overall quality of final product. The cables, which handled both power and data, were being installed in the field by trained technicians so it was important that they work well and make a good impression.

DECA's Improved Design

The cables consisted of two heavy duty electrical wires and 2 smaller gauge wires for data. Our engineers reviewed drawings of the current version and revised the cable’s design. The most important change made by DECA Manufacturing’s engineers was substituting overmolding at the termination points/connectors for the simple plastic protectors. The overmolding made the cables more rugged and better looking; a combination that conveyed a sense of quality the older version lacked.

The Vital Role of Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

At DECA Manufacturing we often talk about how important the parts we build are, such as cable harnesses, to the functioning of your final product. Just like your body depends on your nervous and circulatory system, cable harnesses provide the signals and materials needed to control and power your completed products. The quality of the cables you use has a direct effect on the overall performance of your final product, and therefore value of your company’s products. The way they the cables are finished should also reinforce that perception of quality.

Contact DECA Manufacturing Today

Make sure that your cables assemblies, wire harnesses, or box builds meet both your standards and those of your customers. We have engineers on staff who ready to partner with you to support your design requirements.

Call us @ 419-884-0071 or use our online form.

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