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Assembling the Right Components for Space Flight

At DECA we enjoy looking to see where different industries are headed, A recent article about Radian’s patent application for an Earth to Orbit Transportation System caught our eye for a couple of reasons. First, It is great that folks are still pursuing space travel, even during the pandemic. Even if you are not a Trekkie, space travel is still interesting and the utlimate chance to really get away from it all. Second, this plan has a back to the future feel since it is based on Boeing RASV (Reusable Aerodynamic Space Vehicle) concepts from the 1970s. Finally the article includes a link to the patent application which illustrates how vital wiring to today’s aerospace industry.

Mission Critical Cabling

As you read through the patent, numerous diagrams cable show how cable assemblies carry both power and critical data to and from the craft’s key systems including:

  • Communications

  • Navigation

  • Environmental controls

  • Mechanical systems such as hydraulics, propulsion, landing gear

Throughout the article many of these systems are noted as being connected with umbilicals, e.g. cable assemblies or cable assemblies integrated with consumable delivery systems for things such as oxygen, water, fuel, etc. While DECA often uses the term nervous system, we like the notion equating the key systems of this kind of product with a biologic equivalent. The terms umbilical or nervous system supports the idea that these are absolutely vital to the function and success of the final product. In aerospace applications it is important that the manufacture of cable assemblies be of the highest quality-both in terms of materials used and the assembly. At DECA we make sure that the materials we use meet your specifications. We also offer IPC-620A certified soldering and inspections services in addition to our assembly services.

Get out of this world results with DECA

DECA Manufacturing has the capabilities to build both prototypes and production runs. Partner with us to build the cable assemblies for your next project so you results are out of this world. Contact us today!

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