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Back to Earth @ DECA

Earth Day was established just six years before DECA Manufacturing came into existence. Prior to 1970 there were no agencies, laws, or regulatory mechanisms to protect the environment. Manufacturing is usually not considered environmentally friendly but DECA is working hard to be just that.

As President Cameron Haring states, being environmentally-riendly means more than driving a Tesla because it is green and cool. It involves ongoing efforts to at variety of levels.

DECA uses Geothermal energy
DECA uses Geothermal energy which uses 25-40% less energy than conventional systems

Geothermal Heating/Cooling. DECA’s building is heated and cooled with geo thermal energy which uses 25-40% less energy than conventional systems. It does an amazing job of keeping the building at a comfortable temperature during the winter and summer months. Geothermal heating works by moving liquid through pipes buried in the ground and either absorbing heat (when cold) or releasing pumping (when hot) into the ground.

Recycling. DECA Manufacturing’s facility recycles paper, cardboard, and bottles. There are recycling bins on the shop floor and in the lunch area. Another way we recycle is by using extra parts for test fixtures whenever possible.

LED Lighting uses 75% less energy
DECA's facility has LED Lighting uses 75% less energy

LED Lighting. All the lighting in the offices and on the shop floor have been swapped out to use LED lighting. LED lights use at least 75% less energy and can last 25 times longer than conventional light fixtures.

Lead-Free Soldering. DECA offers lead-free soldering services. While not useful in all applications, it is an option available for appropriate projects.

There are other things we do which are just smart business and push-back against the disposable culture common in modern society. These include maintaining equipment to limit breakdowns, material wastage, and having to junk out equipment, all of which keeps waste down and are good business. We also plant flowers around the facility; it looks nice and helps keep us connected with the natural world.

One of DECA’s goals long-term goals is to become as close to zero waste as possible. As Haring said, it will take time, but we plan to get there and keep working to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Looking to support Earth Day? Learn more and support charities like these which are dedicated to environmental issues:


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