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Get Smart about Whipping Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities into Shape.

Wire/Cable whips allow facilities such as ecommerce fulfillment centers the flexibility to grow with business needs

While cable whips are built to withstand industrial environments, they often need to be replaced due to a facility’s layout changes. In a constantly changing business environment; warehouses and shop floor layouts may need to be reconfigured to optimize a business’s systems, equipment, and workflow to:

  • Improve productivity

  • Permit higher-density usage

  • Adapt to changes in the products being shipped or manufactured

As a facility’s core elements are moved or added to, they often need new cable whips because the equipment requires cables with a different length and/or connectors. Ecommerce fulfillment centers, such as Amazon, are a great example of facilities that rely on cable whips to drive automation, efficiency, density, and accuracy. The flexibility of swapping out a different cable whip is key to enabling the speedy delivery of those ecommerce purchases we love and now rely on.

Sending the Right Signals

While cable whips are ruggedized, they are simple and designed to send both power and signals. Everyone knows what power means, but the term ”signals” deserves a second look. The word “signal” is used instead of data because the information sent back and forth via the wire whip is extremely basic and corresponds to information such as

  • stop or go

  • slow down or speed up

To put it another way…data must be interpreted to be valuable, while signals are essentially an electric pulse used like a toggle switch. Signals transmitted through a simple cable whip are applied in a myriad of ways in a smart warehouse or factory including:

  • Changing the speed of a conveyor belt or assembly line

  • Beginning or ending the scan of a product or label

  • Retrieving or placing an item in a specific location

  • Sending an alert triggered by predetermined conditions

Making cable whips isn’t difficult. A wire whip consists of

  • conductive wires with a ruggedized jacket for sending the signal and/or power

  • connectors to link equipment.

Responsive Flexible and Smart

At DECA we understand that flexibility on our part will enable you to maximize the profit per space or package and support your company’s success and growth. Whether your facility's team is in house or you work with a master electrical contractor, we work with you to understand your requirements. Being responsive to adjust to a customer’s need for changes in length, connectors, and material specifications is the key to building wire whips that support your facility’s optimizations.

Contact DECA Today

Contact us today if you are looking for:

  • cable whips rugged enough to handle the your warehouse/factory environment

  • cable whips that send clear signals to keep things running smoothly

  • a supplier that can be responsive, flexible and smart to adapt your cables to your facilities

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