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Forbes highlights DECA Manufacturing's Technology Investments & How They Are Already Paying Off

DECA Manufacturing President, Cameron Haring

"Staring At A Crisis, U.S. Manufacturers Must Embrace Technology", a recent article in Forbes by contributing writer Ethan Karp, highlights how DECA Manufacturing's investment in industrial sensors and lasers is already paying off. The sensors have been added to equipment throughout the factory and they capture real-time data on production and machine efficiency. These recent additions to DECA's shop floor are a great example of the IOT (internet of things) that everyone is talking about. The production feedback the sensors provide allow president Cameron Haring and his team to see:

  • what machines need maintenance

  • which employees are performing well

  • who would benefit from more training

  • how production levels are faring

The result of having and reviewing the data regularly? Production is up over 20% and machine servicing is handled proactively--before things breakdown.

Expanded Capabilities

The new laser equipment is supporting DECA's growth by giving the company the opportunity to add different services and products to its capabilities and make use of higher levels of production efficiency. These new capabilities allow them to expand their customer base and make them a better candidate for defense contracts.

Extending Lean Manufacturing

Cameron sees the investments, especially sensors, as an extension of lean manufacturing because it adjusts how they determine risk assessment in their operations. Cameron puts it pretty simply "I don’t view process improvement as a risk but a must,” He also notes that the payoff on the new technology took less than 1 year.

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