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Get Smart about Wired Connections

Spacex C207, showing extensive cables that have been ruggedized to withstand challenges of space flight. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Wireless connections make some things very simple and convenient. For example, we can have highly portable speakers that don’t require wires connecting them to a main unit. However wireless connections are not always dependable, as anyone who has ever had to deal with a bad connection knows. Wired connections may seem antiquated, but they offer a level of reliability that WiFi still cannot match.

Some of the cable assemblies we build are for major, Tier I defense contractors. Unlike civilian, off-the-shelf products, the cables assemblies used in laser guided missiles must transfer power and data securely and reliably. In addition, due to the speed at which execution decisions are made, the transfer of data must also be transmitted instantaneously. Finally, these systems must function properly under a wide range of environmental conditions.

WiFi is not reliable enough so we manufacture ruggedized cable assemblies to transfer power, telemetry, and GPS information in a variety of devices, not just munitions. Ruggedized cables are required in manned vehicles too, e.g. airplanes, spacecraft, submarines etc. Data and/or power transmission at any significant rate or voltage that does not use a wired connection is seriously harmful to humans so it must ride on copper or aluminum rails. This information is then used by onboard computers in any of these devices/applications to make high precision placement and execution decisions.

Fusing for munitions has become a precise digital science. Device functionality is controlled cables which are composed of 10 conductor wires soldered onto a MILSPEC connector. These assemblies are ruggized with industrial-grade materials. Turnkey cable assembly projects like these hit DECA’s sweetspot because they take advantage of some of our best skill sets including

  • high speed wire processing

  • complex harness assembly

  • class III military grade soldering

  • overmolding finished cables with industrial grade plastics to ruggedize, protect, and add strain relief

  • laser wire stripping

  • working with specialized connectors

  • certifications such as ITAR & ISO 9001:2015

Transferring data and power with such precision has a much broader application than military or aerospace industries. Other industries that rely on specialized cable assemblies include: automotive, medical, and specialized industrial products. Whether ruggedized or not, cable assemblies that can ensure the flow of data and/or power are found in a wide range of

  • smart,connected and IOT devices

  • EV’s (electric vehicles) and specialty vehicles

  • ventilation and other medical devices

Looking for a solution to make sure your final product is precise and dependable? Whether your product design is ready to go or you need a partner to develop a prototype or new design, contact DECA Manufacturing and let’s talk about your next project.


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