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How DECA builds quality & saves you time to support your business's growth.

Read this case study to learn how we partner with clients so they can focus on their final products.

Sigma Instruments learned about DECA Manufacturing at the Design2Part show in Akron, Ohio. Sigma produces a computer-assisted analysis and adjustment tool used by chiropractors in over 36 countries around the world. The company's medical device is used on the spine and joints like shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, hands etc. As one Sigma employee stated, this tool “uses electo-mechanics instead of cracking backs.”

Inside SIGMA Instrument's Chiropractic tool showing DECA Manufacturing's cables.

DECA Manufacturing currently creates three cables for Sigma which handle data and power, using either 5 or 7 conductors depending on the cable/device. The cables use DECA’s automatic wire processing (including cut, strip and termination), precision soldering, interconnections and final assemble capabilities.

When asked about their experience Sigma said that working with DECA has been great. We like the quality of their work, their simple ordering process, and their reliability. They are reliable because they deliver on time and the cables work. DECA is responsive too. They stepped up their production capabilities when we needed more cables to a fill a higher than expected number of orders.

Sample cable made by DECA Manufacturing

Sigma tried other options. They used to outsource the cables with a different vendor and then Sigma made them in-house. Building their own cables added almost 1.5 hours on to their processes. Having DECA build these cables for us cuts Sigma’s production time by about 25%. It also helped the company keep their workforce down because they didn’t have to hire someone to build cables as their business grew. As Sigma’s product’s capabilities grow, they look forward to working with DECA to keep supplying them with cables.

What should we build for you?

DECA’s core competency is building cables and wire harnesses. DECA Manufacturing’s president, Cameron Haring, describes DECA’s work as creating the nervous systems that control the high-tech equipment used by the medical, automotive, and defense industries.

Let us build the cables that control your products so you can focus your expertise on what makes your products unique and special.

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