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What makes DECA Different?

Based in Ohio, DECA products wire harnesses, cable aseemblies and box builds

Since our incorporation in 1976, DECA manufacturing has grown into a trusted future-focused supplier, with a diverse customer base and set of capabilities. We are located in a modern facility in Lexington, Ohio. In addition to building quality products, at a competitive price, and delivering on-time; we have differentiated our company by being:

  • Flexible. Providing agility in service that allows for quick changes in design and rapid response to shifts in supply and demand. Our value is in making you successful, and that requires supporting, not resisting change.

  • Responsive. Building a team that is intelligent, collaborative, and capable of acting on customer requests with discipline but not needless bureaucracy.

  • Smart. Maintaining a forward-thinking mentality that looks for trends in business-related issues such as technology, human resources, and the environment.

As one of our staff members said, “Work with us today, because we have your tomorrow.”

DECA Offers custom manufacturing services such as soldering, wire stripping, overmolding and potting

Are you looking to

  • start a new project

  • re-shore current components

  • find a source for custom services

  • identify a new supplier

Our Ohio based facility will partner with you, so you can focus on the elements of your business that provide the highest value.

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