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Who is on our Manufacturing Team?

Manufacturing Day was created to highlight the wide variety of careers and skills needed by today's modern manufacturers. Typically, manufacturers open their doors and provide shop floor tours to give students a chance to see what a manufacturing career could look like. Since that is not possible this year, we were discussing what we could do in lieu of the typical open house. While it isn't the same as a tour of our manufacturing facility, we thought we could describe DECA's team and the skills and talents we have used to build our successful electronics contract manufacturing business.

Attention to detail is one of the most important skills the folks on our team have whether they work in the office or on the shop floor building. Our shop floor employees’ attention to detail is vital to perform production tasks with a high level of quality. Staff work includes a range of things such as:

  • programming automated wire processing equipment

  • performing certified IPC-level soldering

  • applying terminals and connectors properly

  • overmolding or potting components and assemblies

  • inspecting and testing finished components

These processes are combined to build a range of custom solutions from simple components such as wire leads to more complex products that will handle power, data, sensing, and signaling including:

  • complex wire harnesses with multiple terminals, connectors, types of wire, and finishing modalities

  • box builds and systems integrations

  • prototypes for new products

Equally important to the shop floor staff are the folks in the front office. Our office team not only serves as the public face of DECA but they work to keep the shop floor busy by:

  • being responsive answers to account needs and proactive supplying information about shipping and orders, e.g. providing superior customer service

  • contacting potential clients, aka sales and customer engineering

  • providing expert design assistance for cost out and improved functionality of products

  • creating quotations and easy to understand work instructions for new projects

  • sourcing materials

  • maintaining quality systems

  • stocking raw materials for different projects and inventory control

  • monitoring productivity in real-time

  • tracking process improvement and implementation of lean principles

As DECA continues to grow we look for employees who demonstrate this attention to detail combined with other skills such as mathematical aptitude, ability to read schematics, mechanical skills, combined with the ability to think out of the box and be part of a team.

What can our team do for yours to manufacture success? Contact us today to talk about a new project or get a quote if you have your project's documentation available.


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