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Why cables are essential!

What’s so essential about a cable and harness maker? Do you consider the transfer of

  • Energy

  • Data

  • Commands

to be essential to how well your product functions?

When folks think about a completed product they don't necessarily consider cables, wiring harnesses, or electro-mechanical assemblies as essential, but most products cannot function without the transfer and/or delivery of all of these elements. Cables, e.g. wire harnesses and cable assemblies are equivalent to the human circulatory and nervous systems. DECA has been deemed essential because we support healthcare, the automotive industry and the military by building the nervous and circulatory systems that provide these vital functions to larger products. For example:

  • Healthcare: cables that fuse onto PCB’s that will go into respirator systems

  • Automotive: part lines of Ford and other large automakers which have been deemed essential by the department of homeland security to ensure movement of goods and services

  • Military: cables that support laser-guided defense systems.

DECA's production capabilities go beyond cables. We also produce box builds, aka systems integrations, or electromechanical assemblies. A great example is the box build we recently produced for pharmacy and/or laboratory refrigerators. This product served as the base for an IOT remote temperature monitoring system for the refrigeration environments where vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other sensitive samples and medicines are stored. The system is scalable to include many refrigerator and freezer units and will warn staff of dangerous temperature changes or equipment failures. Constant monitoring is important to make sure these medicines are viable and to provide a warning should they need to be moved/rescued. An IOT/centralized monitoring system also assures a high level of efficiency because staff don’t have to check units individual by going to each refrigerator or freezer. Staff can check multiple units at a single interface point. During times like the pandemic, this saves time and also limits staff interaction with surfaces in the work environment.

Who is building the essential cables, assemblies, and wire harnesses for your next project?

Contact DECA to learn how we partner with customers to ensure success.


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