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RV capabilities are evolving quickly. Ensure functionality & satisfaction with quality components

Get ready for the future of RVs with great Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses and Box Builds from DECA Manufacturing, Wire
Photo from Erwin Hymer Group

RVs - more than a mobile place to sleep!

Newer RVs particularly high end models, are packed with gadgets that go beyond replicating typical household amenities to include sensor driven iOT (link) devices providing voice control and video surveillance, cameras replacing mirrors, and off-grid power generating capabilities complete with solar panels. Whether basic or extended, these functionalities must be combined and integrated with the vehicle’s basic automotive systems such as chassis, motors, wheel/brakes, fuel/fluid systems, handling, and navigation.

Linking these two elements, transportation and housing, together is a pretty extensive electrical and electronic system which must:

  • carry power to both the vehicle’s electrical, automotive elements and the living area; both when on the road and when plugged in and parked.

  • transfer data between sensors and the vehicle’s instrument and control panel. They must also move data to the transmitter that sends the data to a mobile app. These sensors monitor both the vehicle’s primary components (i.e. fuel, tires, engine temperature, etc) and the living space amenities (i.e. sanitary status, ambient temperature, awning deployment, sound system, etc)

Even a vehicle reliant on wireless capabilities needs cables to power the sensors and move the data to the point of wireless transmission. In short, the cables serve as the nervous system for the vehicle to keep things running smoothly. As the demand for functionality and data flow grows it is important to make sure there is enough capacity to support both the flow of power and the flow of data required so all of these functions work in harmony.

Recreational vehicles no longer simply provide a home one wheels. Many offer a wide range of comforts and enhanced functions, which require power and the transfer of data. Make sure you have quality cables, wire harnesses and box builds as part of your product's infrastructure. serv

Protect investment, provide for expansion and ensure customer satisfaction.

Because a recreational vehicle may represent an significant investment, it is important cables be chosen with materials and designs that permit future expansion of its capabilities. On a practical level, building cables for these vehicles requires careful consideration of how rugged the cables need to because taking a recreational vehicle apart to fix a problem will probably not be an option on the road. Cable, wire harnesses, and related box builds may be buried deep within the vehicle’s structure.

Today’s recreational vehicles are complicated systems requiring a broad range of assembly expertise. Partner with DECA; let us support your company by building this nervous system to control and monitor your companys’ RVs. One of DECA’s specialties is building rugged and complex cable assemblies and wire harnesses allowing you to focus your expertise on assembling the rest of the recreational vehicle. In addition, having another company supply these components has traceable cost benefits as well. (link to Sigma article)

Contact DECA today to learn about our expertise with heavy transportation wire harness systems.


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